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Waikiki Mana
Energy Boost

  • Glutamine
  • Arginine
  • Omithine
  • Lysine
  • Citruline
  • Carnitine

Waikiki Mana (Get up & Go Energy): You’ve got this and we’ve got you. Overcome the lull of the day with this magnificent boost of energy and vitality.  Experience this infusion with its ability to give you that extra endurance needed to sustain your productivity and give you energy for the day.



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Waikiki Mana:
Waikiki Mana is the optimal natural energy boost formulated to recharge your body and improve your mental focus and clarity. This IV infusion is a combination of amino acids to help support and recharge the body’s energy production. This promotes improving metabolism and overall performance while boosting energy and burning fat through the process of converting energy to ATP (adenosine triphosphate) and recharging the cells. The benefit of this essential infusion enhances energy levels, boosts the immune system, promotes loss of unwanted weight, stimulates healthy skin, encourages productivity, improves sleep, and overall mood.


Book Now and combine your treatment with 90-minutes out on the ocean on our yacht for a complete wellness day or select our mobile services and we can come to your location.
Book Mobile Services (We Come To Your Location)

Want to know more?

Our Waikiki Mana utilizes the highest concentration of the powerful infusion ingredients of amino acids. This powerful immune boosting formula will increase your immunity for a stronger defense against infections and illnesses. Invest in your Health, reduce sick days and discover fewer hospital visits!

The amino acids blends and combinations of the Waikiki Mana infusion will fuel your body to support
your immune system to combat fatigue, increase and improve energy levels and intracellular
oxygenation. This powerful treatment will leave you feeling re-energized, re-charged, and full of

Do you feel exhausted, sluggish, under-the-weather? The Waikiki Mana is the ultimate energy booster! This treatment will restore your energy levels if you suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome, a severe hangover, jetlag, post-workout conditions, and more. Need that extra boost of energy? This combination will elevate your energies to move you through the day!


The Waikiki Mana will stimulate the production of serotonin and dopamine levels (feel-good hormones). Reduce stress levels, so you can have a relaxed demeanor despite your daily life’s busy schedule. The boost of energy promotes an improvement in over mood allowing you to do more in the day with a smile.

Did you Know that the Waikiki Mana is known to improve sleep, stimulate healthy skin, and improve overall mood that has optimal benefits to improve mental focus and clarity. This treatment also improves metabolism and burning fat by converting energy to ATP and recharging cells.

Our Waikiki Mana is your perfect energized, focused maintenance treatment for wellness. The therapeutic benefits will promote metabolism, recharge the cells from within, encourages elevated mood and productivity, and improves mental focus and clarity.


The Waikiki Mana is a perfective blend of amino acids, you will receive the ultimate energy boost to recharge and enhance energy levels. This infusion of nutrients is 100% bioavailable to your cells and immediate results can be felt after the first infusion. Keep up with your sustained increase of wellness with our membership program. Members receive large discounts on treatments, and supplements. By taking a proactive approach to your wellness you are investing in your health.

Quick facts on your ingredients

Our Waikiki Mana,1Liter
of Normal Saline to restore
hydration status to your body.

This combination of amino acids is essential in improving metabolism, decreasing muscle loss, improving athletic performance, increase endurance, and promoting fat loss. Amino acids are building blocks for protein to assist the body break down food, restore and repair tissue, and promote improved sleep/wake cycles.

Is the most abundant amino acid in the body and is essential in having a healthy functioning immune system and support weight reduction. It has been known to assist with alleviating chemotherapy side effects such as neuropathy, muscle or joint pain, and more. Glutamine has been known to improve digestive symptoms, support alcohol withdrawal, positively support brain related conditions, improve depression, addiction, promote physical muscle recovery, and limit muscle wasting.

This essential amino acids role assist with blood vessel dilation, improving blood flow, enhancing athletic performance, and immune function, and aids in wound healing.

This amino acid encourages circulation, detoxifies cells, and promotes endurance, mental clarity, muscle recovery, reducing stress, and improving sleep. Ominthine enhances athletic performance and liver function as it has been known to decrease elevated ammonia levels.

Lysine is essential in the formation of collagen and wound healing within the body. It supports the kidneys to increase and aids in calcium absorption in an effort to prevent bone loss which is linked to osteoporosis. It has a significant effect on managing and reducing stress as well as improved blood glucose control. It is beneficial for the athlete to improve, repair, and recover from muscle tissue injury or muscle pains.

This amino acid is converted to arginine and nitric oxide to promote heart and blood vessel health resulting in more efficient use of oxygen within the body. This results in improved cognitive function. It is known to support the immune system by eliminating harmful substances such as ammonia. It encourages lipid metabolism and decreases body weight via increased expenditure of brown fat burning.

This amino acid has been known to assist with its ability to improve energy metabolism, encourage weight loss by enhancing fat oxidation, and decrease muscle wasting with athletes as well as improve heart function and lessen damage to the heart muscle due to lack of intracellular oxygen. Carnitine It has been known to improve cognitive function and balance blood glucose levels.


Book Now and combine your treatment with 90-minutes out on the ocean on our yacht for a complete wellness day or select our mobile services and we can come to your location.
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