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360* Kaimana
Sports Recovery

  • Magnesium Chloride
  • B Complex 100
  • Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)
  • Arginine
  • Omithine
  • Lysine
  • Citruline
  • Carnitine
  • Zinc
  • Manganese
  • Copper
  • Selenium

360 Kaimana (Recovery/Sports Performance): Take advantage of this exclusive treatment for the elite athlete’s performance and recovery.  An all-around start-to-finish endurance therapy.  Go full circle with the amazing blend to support and specialize your performance, recovery, and access your full potential. Book now with an ocean excursion for your therapy on the boat or select our mobile service.


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360 Kaimana:
The 360 Kaimana Drip is geared toward the sports or athletic enthusiast. It promotes a faster recovery after intense physical exertion. During intense physical activity (ie. marathons, bicycle races, weightlifting, etc.) the body utilizes excess oxygen and creates lactic acid which changes to anaerobic metabolism. The buildup of lactic acid may lead to inflammation, pain, electrolyte imbalance, etc. which are often responsible for post-workout symptoms of weakness, muscle spasms, and more. Experience this optimal recovery & sports performance infusion with its essential nutrients, health benefits, and rapid beneficial results to improve post-workout recovery, endurance, energy, and stamina. The IV infusion is safe, effective, and provides a restorative hydration and rehydration that has customizability to each individual to complement their athletic journey. This is an epic nutrient-packed infusion for the athlete of all levels. Take advantage of this infusion, recharge, and recover with exceptional energy. 360 Kaimana is for you!

The athlete or sports enthusiast may also consider pre-workout infusions which also compliment the athletes’ peak and optimal performance journey.

Benefits of the 360 Kaimana Drip, IV THERAPY.

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Book Now and combine your treatment with 90-minutes out on the ocean on our yacht for a complete wellness day or select our mobile services and we can come to your location.
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Want to know more?

The combination of minerals and IV fluids assist with the post-workout recovery and rehydration of the athlete or sports performance. The 360 Kaimana Drip restores hydration, rehydration, and electrolytes for optimal muscle and body recovery. The essential nutrients promote muscle recovery, decrease inflammation, and promote optimal efficiency from a cellular level.

The combinations of the 360 Kaimana infusion will fuel your body to support your athletic journey with hydration, rehydration, and promotion of muscle healing and recovery. Experience the increased and improved energy levels, along with decreased muscle inflammation at the cellular level. The buildup of lactic acid may lead to inflammation, pain, electrolyte imbalance, etc. which are often responsible for post-workout symptoms of weakness, muscle spasms, and more.

The 360 Kaimana is the ultimate energy booster for athletic performance and recovery. This treatment will restore your energy levels as an athlete and will improve post-workout conditions, and more. This powerful treatment will leave you feeling re-energized and ready for next athletic event or journey as it promotes improved energy levels, increased endurance, and stamina. Optimize your peak performance with this infusion.

Did you know that the 360 Kaimana is known to improve metabolism by burning fat from converting energy to ATP and recharging cells. This infusion provides essential nutrients to support healing and recovery post-workout. This optimal infusion improves endurance, stamina, replenishes lost fluids, and enhances physical performance as a result of kick-starting the metabolism and experiencing the benefits of this energizing infusion.

Our 360 Kaimana is your perfect energized, focused maintenance treatment for wellness for the athlete and sports recovery. The therapeutic benefits will promote metabolism, recharge the cells from within, encourages elevated mood and productivity, and improves mental focus and clarity all while promoting optimal physical recovery post-workout.

The 360 Kaimana is a perfect blend of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, you will receive the ultimate energy boost to recharge and enhance energy levels post workout. This infusion of nutrients is 100% bioavailable to your cells and immediate results can be felt after the first infusion. Keep up with your sustained increase of wellness with our membership program. Members receive large discounts on treatments, and supplements. By taking a proactive approach to your wellness you are investing in your health.

Quick facts on your ingredients

Our 360 Kaimana, 1Liter
of Normal Saline to restore
hydration status to your body.

Is a mineral and an electrolyte, that your body needs to perform over 300 biochemical reactions in the cells that are necessary to sustain life. Magnesium is involved in regulating your DNA, effectively enhances the function.

The B complex vitamins play a crucial role in energy production and immune support. There are eight B vitamins composed in the B complex. B-1, Thiamine, B-2, Riboflavin, B-3, Niacin, B-5, Pantothenic acid, B-6, Pyridoxine, B-7, Biotin, B-9, Folic Acid, & B-12, Cobalamin. Each of these essential vitamins play crucial roles in your overall body functions, providing the necessary building blocks of a healthy body. B-Complex vitamins have a direct impact on reducing stress, brain function improvement, stabilizing your mood, and directly supporting cellular function.

Sodium, potassium, and calcium are electrolytes that are essential minerals that play vital key roles in cellular function. They regulate fluid retention to keep you hydrated, balance your pH levels (the measure of acidity and alkalinity), control nervous system function and muscle contraction. Electrolytes keep the balance on your bodily fluids and ensure proper cell functions reducing fatigue, headache, nausea, blood pressure changes, muscle cramps, and low energy.

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin that is not produced by the body; nevertheless, it has many roles in your body that have been linked to impressive health benefits. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant with abundant benefits including reducing free radicals that damage cells, immune enhancement, protection from viruses and bacteria, cardiovascular protection, eye diseases, and boosting skin health reducing wrinkles. But the most impressive fact that many may not be aware of is that high doses of vitamin C has been shown in numerous studies to kill cancer cells and protect your body from developing cancer.

This combination of amino acids is essential in improving metabolism, decreasing muscle loss, improving athletic performance, increase endurance, and promoting fat loss. Amino acids are building blocks for protein to assist the body break down food, restore and repair tissue, and promote improved sleep/wake cycles.

Is the most abundant amino acid in the body and is essential in having a healthy functioning immune system and support weight reduction. It has been known to assist with alleviating chemotherapy side effects such as neuropathy, muscle or joint pain, and more. Glutamine has been known to improve digestive symptoms, support alcohol withdrawal, positively support brain related conditions, improve depression, addiction, promote physical muscle recovery, and limit muscle wasting.

This essential amino acid’s role assists with blood vessel dilation, improving blood flow, enhancing athletic performance, and immune function, and aids in wound healing.

Ornithine is essential in supporting muscle recovery, endurance, strength, reducing stress levels, improving sleep, and removing waste products, that include ammonia and nitrogen, from the body via the urea cycle. It promotes metabolism, increases lean muscle mass, and helps burn more calories. This is a key component of muscle recovery for the athlete’s recovery and performance.

Lysine is essential in the formation of collagen and wound healing within the body. It supports the kidneys to increase and aids in calcium absorption in an effort to prevent bone loss which is linked to osteoporosis. It has a significant effect on managing and reducing stress as well as improved blood glucose control. It is beneficial for the athlete to improve, repair, and recover from muscle tissue injury or muscle pains.

This amino acid is converted to arginine and nitric oxide to promote heart and blood vessel health resulting in more efficient use of oxygen within the body. This results in improved cognitive function. It is known to support the immune system by eliminating harmful substances such as ammonia. It encourages lipid metabolism and decreases body weight via increased expenditure of brown fat burning.

This amino acid has been known to assist with its ability to improve energy metabolism, encourage weight loss by enhancing fat oxidation, and decrease muscle wasting with athletes as well as improve heart function and lessen damage to the heart muscle due to lack of intracellular oxygen. Carnitine has been known to improve cognitive function and balance blood glucose levels.

Zinc is essential in the creation of new cells such as collagen and other tissues that are beneficial for wound healing. It is supportive of boosting the immune system by producing immune cells such as T- cells, white blood cells, and more to defend the body against illness, disease, and may shorten the duration of common ailments such as the common cold, flu, and more.

Manganese is an essential mineral for nerve, brain function, and neurotransmission. It is supportive of boosting the immune system and eliminating disease and illness. It helps wounds heal faster as well as boosts bone health as it improves bone density. It is used to treat inflammatory disorders, balance, and regulate blood glucose levels, and balance carbohydrate metabolism as well.

Copper also acts as an antioxidant eliminating free radicals that damage the cells. It forms collagen, a connective tissue, supports a healthy immune system as well as encouraging healthy production of red blood cells, nerve cells, and skin, hair, and nails. It is often taken with zinc to encourage more efficient absorption.

Selenium plays a critical role in metabolism, thyroid function, and minimizes oxidative stress and damage to the body’s cells. It has been beneficial in boosting the immune system and reducing risk of heart disease. Selenium improves mental focus and clarity, is a key antioxidant for central nervous system function as well as effective brain function, cognitive, and mental clarity. It has been supportive in protecting skin from UV rays as well as fighting inflammation.

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Book Now and combine your treatment with 90-minutes out on the ocean on our yacht for a complete wellness day or select our mobile services and we can come to your location.
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