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The Science behind IV infusions

The prospect of improving both the quantity and quality of one’s life is one reason IV medicine is so exciting. IV infusions of vitamins and essential nutrients are not a new fad but have been practiced for years as an adjunct to conventional medical treatments for a wide variety of health conditions. Vitamin IV therapy and IV infusions allow various critical nutrients to be administered to the body intravenously.

When vitamins and other essential nutrients are delivered directly into the bloodstream, they bypass the digestive system, where many nutrients get lost and are not absorbed. In fact, oral vitamins commonly have about 10-25% absorption rates. With IV infusion and vitamin injections, nutrients and minerals are 100% bioavailable and go to work, instantly replenishing and revitalizing your body and organs from the inside out.

Our bodies are machines. Our machine needs the right nutrients to function correctly. As we age our metabolism becomes less efficient, thereby the absorption of nutrients and the excretion of toxic cellular wastes become less effective. The effects of chronic stress and poor nutrition can contribute to the buildup of free radicals causing premature aging, illness, and disease. Nutritional deficiencies can lead to larger metabolic problems.

One of the biggest benefits of IV therapy is to correct nutritional deficiencies; however, there are numerous other advantages to receiving IV nutrient-rich therapies. The benefits have a wide range of treatment modalities from anti-aging, immune boosting, and increasing energy to disease prevention and restoration. Each vitamin, mineral, amino acid, and antioxidant all have vital roles to play in the cellular processes in our bodies.

Each one of our ingredients is listed here on the IV Science references page. If you wish to learn more about the benefits of each nutrient, Click on the ingredient name to go directly to its information page.