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OUR MISSION: Restoring Health: Healing the Whole Person

Aloha, Welcome to Wellness on the Waves!

Island Medical Group envisioned an Integrative Medical Practice that encompassed a complete mind, body, and spirit approach to health and wellness. Welcome to IV Ocean Therapy, a Hawaiian based company that combines Integrative medicine practices, (Eastern meets Western), IV infusion therapies with the naturopathic healing properties of the ocean to navigate disease and illness prevention & restoration. Serving both Kamaʻāina (locals) and travelers from around the world, we are proud to offer a unique holistic combination to restore the body’s balance. Why sit in your home, office, or hotel room to receive IV therapy or see your medical provider when you can be out on the therapeutic beautiful blue waters of Hawaii?


Our mission is to accompany you on your journey to wellness by helping build a bridge to health, healing, and hope. We achieve this by seamlessly integrating the best of conventional and natural medicines to address the holistic well-being of each individual. As proud purveyors of IV Ocean Therapy, we believe there’s no better locale to commence your wellness journey amidst the rhythmic waves than right here in Hawaii with us.

On board our vessel, “Ocean Therapy”, we provide luxury comfortable seating for six therapy sessions, enhanced by aromatherapy, meditative music, air conditioning, and restroom facilities for your utmost convenience and therapeutic rejuveniating well-being.

Attaining and maintaining peak physical and mental well-being is an achievable goal but requires a dedicated commitment to self-care. At IV Ocean Therapy, our mission is to support you on this transformative journey, equipping you with all the essential tools to adopt a healthy lifestyle. This includes guidance on proper nutrition, tailored fitness regimens, and the cultivation of effective coping mechanisms for moments of heightened stress. We’re here to empower you with the resources needed to prioritize your well-being comprehensively.

Water is life...Restores Life....Balances Life....

What to Expect

Your healthcare journey with us begins on the ocean, not in a medical office. After booking an IV infusion treatment and selecting an excursion time you will receive an email confirming your reservation. One of our Practitioners will call you to go over your medical history, reasons, and symptoms for treatment, helping to ensure you are receiving the correct treatment plan, go over all pre-and post-infusion instructions, and directions to the vessel.

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time, allowing time for traffic and to get comfortable on the boat. Please bring sunscreen, towels, & comfortable boat shoes. All snorkel gear, floatation devices, and refreshments will be provided.

Each one of your visits is comprised of 90 minutes out on the ocean (Ocean Therapy) followed by diving deep into your health history to work with you developing a targeted treatment plan. All infusion treatments are conducted after the vessel returns from the ocean excursion portion of the therapy. If you experience motion sickness, please let our providers know if you wish to pretreat for nausea/motion sickness before the excursion.

Wai”, the Hawaiian word for water, symbolizes life. The ocean encompasses boundless medicinal benefits.  Saltwater contains all of life’s vital elements with the dynamic massage of the sea. Hawaiians honor the ocean, understanding it as a therapeutic, limitless reservoir of health. We here at IV Ocean Therapy respect and uphold our Island’s host cultural beliefs.

IV Ocean Therapy focuses on restoring the body via the use of natural minerals, vitamins, amino acids, tripeptides, antioxidants, and other essential nutrients combined with the awesome healing powers of the ocean. Our holistic approach to wellness encompasses the totality of restoring the balance of the mind, body, and spirit to live life with vitality!

Each treatment plan is individualized, and tailored for each patient. Not only do we treat the symptoms of common ailments like hang-overs or boosting immune functions, our specialty is also with chronic disease management, whether it is diabetes, neuropathy, cancer, Alzheimer’s, hypertension, anxiety, stress, PTSD, or substance abuse, we take your well-being to heart offering holistic integrated practices utilizing both natural and conventional medicine for a complete mind, body, and spirit approach. We can work directly with your personal physicians and specialists to continue and improve current treatment plans for complete continuity of care to increase therapeutic benefits…..

We combine the healing properties of the ocean with Integrative Holistic approaches including functional medicine, with concentrations in diet deficiencies, prescription-grade supplements and IV infusions of antioxidants, minerals, electrolytes, vitamins, essential nutrients, and medications that are 100% bioavailable as it bi-passes the gastrointestinal system and goes straight to the cells of the body for maximum health wellness. 

All our treatments are prepared by Board Certified Nurse Practitioners and/or trained, licensed registered nurses who compound your personalized IV and IM injections under a laminar flow hood with HEPA filtration to maintain the highest standard.

Dive into Wellness…Ride the Waves of Health…

Do you prefer we come to you?

We have mobile services as well! Whether you are suffering from Covid, a cold/flu-like symptoms, jetlag, hangover, or stress-related symptoms, or you are a high-performance athlete preparing or recovering from competition, interested in a natural weight loss program, disease management, or health maintenance with anti-aging or brain boosting, we can help restore and rebuild a healthier, stronger, more vibrant you.

Health is the New Wealth, Invest in Yourself. We offer membership packages for our patients; discover the discounts you can save. Call now to book mobile services today. (Based on availability, no hidden fees, no travel charges.)